How Much Does it Cost to Play McLemore Golf Course?

How Much Does it Cost to Play McLemore Golf Course?

If you are interested in playing McLemore Golf Course, you may wonder how much it costs to play there. It’s essential to get the right price to ensure that your golfing experience is excellent. However, it would help if you also kept in mind that the cost of play will vary from course to course. Therefore, you will have to compare prices with other classes before deciding.


McLemore golf course is located on the plateau of Lookout Mountain, Georgia. It is a private club and is accessible to members only. The resort has a good reputation among golfers and the general public. In addition to the 18-hole Highlands course, the resort has plans to add a second 18-hole course shortly. A golfing village will follow this with 90 homes, a fitness center, and a spa.

There is a new 245-room hotel slated to open shortly after. The McLemore Golf Club has added staff members, including Charlie Rymer. They also have a limited partnership with the Read House, a 125-room hotel in Chattanooga, TN.

Among the course’s accolades are its impressive size and amenities. Not to mention the special accommodations maintained by the best in the business. For a half day of golf, you can expect a five-star experience. Despite the upscale status, the cost is relatively cheap.

In short, the McLemore has become a must-visit destination for golf enthusiasts of all ages. The club has the most impressive facilities in the region and has achieved national and international recognition. Aside from the golf course, the resort boasts two hotels, a world-class spa, an array of restaurants and shops, and various other recreational activities to occupy your time between rounds. As you can imagine, many people are looking for a place to rest their heads.

McLemore is one of the best-kept golfing secrets in the country. Check the site for more information, and book your golf excursion soon! Remember to check out the nearby Ruby Falls and Raccoon Mountain Caverns. Also, be sure to take in the views from the top of the incline railway. You’ll be rewarded with a beautiful fall foliage display and perhaps a round of golf.

While you’re at it, consider a visit to the Old Course at St. Andrews, Scotland. Although this course was built in the early 1800s, it is only the latest in many great classes.


One of the most striking parts of the McLemore Golf Course is the scenery surrounding it. The course is two hours from Atlanta and sits on the base of Lookout Mountain, a rugged plateau that offers breathtaking vistas. The club boasts a short period and an 18-hole championship course that is both well worth a visit.

There’s also a six-hole short course on the property for those looking to get closer to nature. This is the perfect place to warm up before heading out to the more demanding tees. It is also a great way to end a round or two.

As a side note, the McLemore Golf Course was designed by Rees Jones and Bill Bergin, who has also built some of the most renowned courses in the country. The Golf Digest recently voted McLemore the best finishing hole in the area.

On scoring, a few more notable holes include the par-five, the par-five, and the par-five. They may be more forgiving, but they still offer a formidable challenge. A new clubhouse and restaurant are also in the works. Eventually, the 18-hole course will be open for play.

The Course at McLemore is already on the cusp of becoming a destination in its own right. There are eight properties currently available for stay-and-play. If the COVID crisis isn’t a dampener, the rest of the property will be ready for occupancy in a few years. And the magnificent new clubhouse is sure to be a hit with guests.

For those looking to take the escapade to a higher level, the McLemore Resort has set its sights on transforming the area from a second-home hotspot into a world-class golf destination. The new 18-hole course is in the works and will feature a few of the course’s most notable features. There are also several other facilities and resorts within the area that are worth checking out. Make sure to book your stay-and-play vacation as soon as possible.

Accommodations at McLemore

The McLemore Resort is located in a breathtaking area of the highlands of Georgia. It features a championship 18-hole golf course, a fitness center, a spa, and a cliff-edge swimming pool. A second golf course is planned for the McLemore property.

The resort is set to open in late 2023. It is expected to draw visitors from the Southeast and national markets. As a result, the development is expected to create up to $1 billion in economic impact for Walker County.

Currently, there are 50 residential lots available. They range in size from 1/4 acre to over half an acre. Each lot comes with reliable utilities. These include sewer, water, and 100 times faster internet than the average.

Numerous state parks and private land trusts surround McLemore. This provides an ideal setting for travelers exploring the region’s historical sites. There is also an abundance of outdoor activities. Guests can enjoy horseback riding, bouldering, hang gliding, and hiking.

In addition to the golf course, McLemore is located in an area of Northwest Georgia known as the Historic High Country. This makes it a natural base camp for exploring the Cumberland Plateau. Other nearby attractions include Cloudland Canyon State Park, carved into the mountain, and McLemore Cove, a wilderness area with over 20,000 acres.

Scenic Land Company and Hilton have partnered to develop the McLemore Resort. The hotel is a part of the Curio Collection by Hilton. It will also provide employment opportunities for 300 full-time direct employees.

As an additional incentive, Walker County will offer sales tax incentives to the project. The company will use the funds from those taxes to pay off the bonds. Those bonds were sold to fund the construction of the hotel.

The McLemore Resort will be a luxury hotel retreat designed to draw tourists to the area. The ownership is spearheading the construction of the 245-room lodge.

McLemore is an excellent destination for weekend getaways. It is on the rugged plateau 2,000 feet above sea level and offers a panoramic view of the area.

Tee times at McLemore

McLemore Golf Club is a private club located on Lookout Mountain, northwest Georgia. The course is on a rugged plateau on the mountain, overlooking the beautiful wilderness area of McLemore Cove.

The Course at McLemore is a private golf course designed for Members and their guests. Rees Jones and Bill Bergin redesigned it. It was formerly known as Canyon Ridge Golf Club.

A six-hole short course, the Cairn, is situated above the clubhouse. This is a great warm-up course for those wishing to play the 18-hole championship course.

Eight properties are available for rent if you want an excellent place to stay while playing at the McLemore Resort. Each includes a kitchen, a living space, and private bathrooms. Some of these houses can sleep up to seven people. Others are smaller and can accommodate up to three. Several properties are also part of the Stay and Play program.

Another great reason to stay at the McLemore Resort is its proximity to Atlanta, Nashville, Knoxville, and Chattanooga. You can quickly get to these cities from the resort, about two hours from all major cities.

McLemore Cove is a unique area with natural resources and archaeological sites. It is also located on Lookout Mountain, home to one of the most scenic golf courses in the state.

There are many different tee times at McLemore. If you want to know more about the tee times, you can call the course directly or go to the McLemore Club Golf Shop.

If you are looking for a great place to go for a family vacation or a corporate retreat, consider the McLemore Highlands Course. The course features holes on the cliff edge and canyon holes. The system is perfect for a day of golf or a week of vacation. And if you’re planning a wedding, it’s an ideal location.

Other great places to visit while at the McLemore Resort include the Lookout Mountain Incline Railway, Raccoon Mountain Caverns, Ruby Falls, and Rock City Gardens.

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How Much Does it Cost to Play McLemore Golf Course?
How Much Does it Cost to Play McLemore Golf Course?
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