How Much Is Membership At Beaconsfield Golf Club?

How Much Is Membership At Beaconsfield Golf Club?

There are many questions that people may have when it comes to deciding whether they would like to join a golf club. One of these is how much a membership at a club costs. The price of membership can vary depending on the size of the Club. It also depends on the number of rounds you wish to play. This is because of the cost of maintaining a golf course.


The Beaconsfield Golf Club has a long and distinguished history. It was a 9-hole course called Wilton Park Golf Club in the early days. It was then revamped in 1941 by Stanley Thompson. Several notable names have played the courses here, including Ted Ray and Harry Vardon.

Today, the Beaconsfield Golf Club boasts an 18-hole parkland golf course. As its name implies, it is located in Seer Green, Buckinghamshire, England.

As far as the course goes, the Beaconsfield Golf Club has a lot to offer, including good upkeep and a variety of interesting holes. This is especially true of the par 3s. Those who need to become more familiar with the Club might not know its tees and greens are enormous.

The Beaconsfield Golf Club is a private members-only Club. To join, you will need to present a valid handicap. Visitors are welcome on weekdays, but you must make an appointment on weekends. Even though the Club has six80 members, it is still tiny.

The Club has several exciting features, such as a challenging and well-maintained course and excellent practice facilities. One of the highlights of the place is the tree-lined heathland.

The Beaconsfield Golf Club was also the site of several important events, including the Canadian Open in 1946 and the inaugural Canada Cup in 1953. However, the Club’s most significant achievement may be its tee sign.

The Beaconsfield Golf Club may not be the oldest, but it’s still in good condition and plays to a high standard. So, whether you are looking for a great place to play a round of golf or a fine place to hang out, you’ll have a blast.

Course design

Beaconsfield Golf Club is located in Pointe-Claire, Quebec. This private golf club is known for its challenging course. In addition to being a great golfing experience, Beaconsfield also offers a wide variety of dining options. You can have formal meals at the Club’s dining room or enjoy a casual dinner at the lounge bar.

The course features an 18-hole parkland design. The system is tree-lined and well-kept. Although the period is relatively short, it is still challenging for players of all levels. It is ideal for beginners or seasoned golfers.

It is possible to play as a guest of a member. But if you want to become a golf club member, you must meet the eligibility requirements. A valid handicap certificate is required.

Aside from a golf course, the Club has several outdoor areas, a Pro shop, and an indoor lounge and dining facility. Besides being a private club, the Club is also a part of the community of West Island.

Although it is not a high-ranking golf course, Beaconsfield Golf Course is excellent for golfers of all skill levels. It has an exciting combination of holes and requires high accuracy from the tee.

Beaconsfield is also a good choice for your wedding or another special event. The golf club is available for private events with a range of catering and banquet options. For an even more unique experience, you can have a small ceremony in the Club’s hall.

Despite its age, the Beaconsfield Golf Course is in excellent shape. It has large greens, and the tees are elevated. The course is also very well bunkered. However, some minor issues could be addressed.

Practice facilities

If you’re looking to play some great golf, then the Beaconsfield Golf Club is a great place to do so. Located on the West Island of Montreal, this course boasts a well-rated 18-hole system. There are also excellent practice facilities.

The Beaconsfield Golf Club’s course is well-maintained and offers a variety of challenges. One of the holes is the 13th, which is a unique hole. You can hit a tee shot over the railway tracks or into a ravine.

It’s a lovely layout, and the greens are fast. This is a course that will challenge all levels of players. However, it’s not one of the more prestigious courses in the country.

While Beaconsfield isn’t the most challenging course in the country, it’s still an enjoyable place to play. In addition to the system, you’ll find a clubhouse with a dining room that looks out over the course.

Beaconsfield’s clubhouse is a traditional design that retains the charm of a country club. The clubhouse includes comfortable lounges and large stone fireplaces. There are also formal meals that are held in the upstairs dining room.

Harry Colt designed the Beaconsfield Golf Club in 1924. The Club has a long history and has been the site of numerous national and international tournaments. Some notable names associated with the Beaconsfield Golf Club include David Lloyd George, Bernard Darwin, Cyril Tolley, and Luke Donald.

Although the Beaconsfield Golf Club’s golf course isn’t as big as some other clubs in the area, it’s got several nice holes to show off. Aside from the par threes, there are a handful of other nice spots.


The Beaconsfield golf club is a private members’ course located on the West Island of Montreal. Although it was initially a miniature, unspectacular 6-hole class, it’s become a modern and challenging layout. It offers a great view of the surrounding area and several excellent dining options.

In addition to its golfing facilities, the Club offers many other amenities. These include a professional shop, a clubhouse, and a little bar with bar service. Additionally, the facility provides several outdoor and indoor locations, making it perfect for casual and formal events.

On a recent visit, I was lucky enough to have been able to experience Beaconsfield for a day. While there are no tee times on weekends, the course is open seven days a week.

The Beaconsfield golf club is not one to miss on a trip to the West Island. Despite its location, it offers an excellent array of holes suitable for players of all levels.

Of course, the Beaconsfield golf club is not without its qualms. One such annoyance is the cost of food and drink. Fortunately, this isn’t a significant problem. Many restaurants in the area charge PS10 per meal, while some are even more reasonable. However, you can find accommodations in Beaconsfield for as little as PS10 a night.

A trip to Beaconsfield is a treat for the eyes and the taste buds, so make the most of it by checking out its offerings. Whether you’re visiting for the first time or looking to relive old favorites, this golf club is sure to impress. After all, it’s been named the “best” Club in Canada for many years.


Beaconsfield golf club is a private members’ Club. It is located in Pointe-Claire, Quebec. Several national and international championships have been held on this golf course. The Club is known for its old-world charm.

The Club opened in 1914 with an 18-hole course. Harry Colt designed the study. Several prominent names were associated with the Club. David Lloyd George was the British Prime Minister, and Arnold Palmer was a professional golfer.

Beaconsfield golf club has a wide range of challenging holes. The golf course has several par 3’s and seven par 4’s. The system is well-maintained, and the procedure has excellent practice facilities.

The Club offers excellent catering and repair services. It is also a great place for social events. The Club can accommodate up to 135 people with various rooms available.

Beaconsfield golf course is an ideal location for golfers of all levels. It offers a good challenge and a friendly, tree-lined atmosphere.

The Club has a good beginner program. Luke Donald learned to play golf at the Club. He became a professional golfer and has won several national tournaments.

If you are looking for a challenging course that is not very costly, Beaconsfield golf club is the right choice for you. Some private golf clubs offer a waiver on entrance fees for two years.

The greens are enormous, and the bunkers are well-maintained. This Club is also wheelchair accessible. You may enjoy a round of golf on weekends as a member’s guest.

The green staff is always working hard. Besides, you’ll find that the course is in excellent condition given the recent weather.

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How Much Is Membership At Beaconsfield Golf Club?
How Much Is Membership At Beaconsfield Golf Club?
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