How to Remove Cup Holder on EZGO Golf Cart

How to Remove Cup Holder on EZGO Golf Cart

You sometimes need to remove the cup holder on an EZGO golf cart. Whether it is because it is in the way or leaking, it is essential to do so. The last thing you want is to find yourself stranded on the course without a way to hold a cup.

Royko Golf Cart Armrest

Armrests can provide the necessary support to make your golf game more enjoyable. These devices are available in several designs and styles, allowing you to choose one that matches your golf cart’s aesthetic. In addition to providing extra comfort, they prevent fatigue in the shoulders and elbows.

Many find that armrest cup holders work well on their golf carts. They’re stable and easy to use. There are several choices in this market, but some of the best are from CartClan, Performance Plus, and 10L0L.

If you’re looking for a durable, affordable, and customized product, the 10LOL Golf Cart Cup Holder may be right for you. This item is available in two sets, including all the mounting hardware you need. It also works as a rear seat armrest.

A high-density sponge design provides additional support. The support frame is made of stainless steel, which prevents the cup holder from bending or breaking. Installation is a snap since the armrest has gaskets to avoid scratches. Also, this product is universal, meaning it works on most golf carts.

One of the main features of this armrest is its detachable feature. With this feature, you can easily remove the cup holder if you want to. Other brands have a separable component, but this is a patented design, making it more unique. Moreover, the armrest can support a weight of up to 250 pounds.

Another reason why this product is popular is that it’s easy to install. Users can install the device in just 10 minutes, which is faster than most competitors. However, some users do experience difficulty.

Royko is a brand that has a reputation for quality products. You can find their products on, but they also offer them on their website, Search for their products, and click on the link to get to a page where you can compare the various options and make your purchase.

To find the perfect armrest for your golf cart, consider the following factors: height, space, weight, ease of installation, and warranty.

Bushwacker Cup Holder

If you want to upgrade your golf cart’s beverage holder to something more functional, consider getting a Bushwacker Cup Holder. It has many excellent features, including a magnetic base that keeps your drink cool while on the go. The holder also includes a stainless steel support frame to prevent it from breaking off your cart.

Another excellent golf cart accessory is the EZGo Four Hole Cup Holder. This accessory lets you simultaneously hold drinks, a phone, and a rangefinder. Although it isn’t a revolutionary new product, it’s made of durable materials and is convenient.

There are a lot of other golf cart accessories available. Some, like the RFS PRO SEAT, are designed to improve passenger comfort while on the go. Other accessories, like the Bushwacker Magnetic Cup Holder, keep drinks ice cold and are easy to install. These are just a few of the best golf cart accessories on the market. Whether a golf enthusiast or a business owner, you’ll find something to suit your needs.

You can also buy a two-pack of the GearV two-in-one more relaxed package. This accessory is easy to install and strong enough to handle rugged terrain. The box includes a cooler, a mounting basket, and a clamp that measures 6.5″ in length. In addition, the device comes with two cups, a bottle opener, and a handy holder for your phone.

Even if you don’t plan to spend a fortune on your next golf cart accessory, it’s worth considering all the options. Many of the best options are relatively inexpensive. They’re also simple to install and ideal for a busy family. For a bonus, you may want a cup holder for the front of your cart. Getting a cup holder for the back seat can be a challenge. However, an armrest cup holder, such as the EZGo one, is the perfect solution. Even though the armrest can be hard to find, this option offers a high-quality product at a fair price.

Performance Plus Carts Cup Holder

Performance Plus Carts cup holders are perfect if you want a cup holder to replace your old, broken plastic one. These holders are durable and easy to install. They are a great choice if you are a golfer, factory worker, or bus driver. This cup holder is made of a 600 denier fabric and 3/8 inch foam insulation for added durability and comfort.

This cup holder fits any gas or electric golf cart, including 1993 and newer models. It has an additional support frame that helps prevent the holder from falling off the cart. The structure also helps keep the cup holder in place. You can hold several tees in these holders, making them a versatile accessory for any golfer.

Another great feature of these cup holders is that they are universal. Forklifts, toolboxes, and other vehicles will fit this cup holder. When shopping, choose the best product for you and your needs. Performance Plus Carts offers excellent feedback and customer service to help you make a decision.

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How to Remove Cup Holder on EZGO Golf Cart
How to Remove Cup Holder on EZGO Golf Cart
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