How to Tow a Golf Cart With a Trailer

How to Tow a Golf Cart With a Trailer

If you have a golf cart and you want to learn how to tow a trailer, there are a few things you need to know. One of these is whether or not your cart can tow a trailer. You will also need to consider the type of trailer you plan to pull. It is essential to be careful when towing with a cart because if you are not careful, the trailer might snap off your windshield. In addition, you will need to ensure that you have a way to charge your vehicle during the towing process.

Can a golf cart tow a trailer?

If you’re a golfer and want to tow a trailer, you need a tow hitch and a golf cart with enough power to pull the load. Some golf carts are designed for towing lighter items, while others can handle heavier loads. You’ll also need a large trailer to hold your cart.

Golf carts can tow various trailers, including flatbeds, dump carts, and enclosed transport carts. However, the trailer must be sized correctly for the coach so it doesn’t overload the trailer and lead to severe damage. The towing vehicle’s gross vehicle weight rating (GWR) is also essential.

You can load a golf cart onto a tow trailer by extending a ramp on the back of the vehicle. This will be easier than loading the cart on the front of the trailer. In addition, it is recommended that you have a tow bar installed with supplemental brakes so that other drivers can see when you’re about to brake.

The maximum payload capacity of a golf cart is between 1200 and 5000 pounds. For heavier loads, buying a giant golf cart is advisable. While you can tow a trailer behind a golf cart, you’ll need to consider other factors, such as the speed limit, traffic conditions, and surface grades.

A 4 x 8-foot golf cart trailer will accommodate most standard-sized golf carts. It is the least expensive option but can be a tight fit. You can also consider a 6 x 10-foot trailer. These are more expensive than the 5 x 8 option, but they will provide more space for the golf cart.

To tow a trailer with a golf cart, you will need a hitch, a ratchet, a latch, and a safety chain. These items must be adequately secured to the cart and the towing vehicle.

Another thing to think about is loading the cart on the trailer. Make sure you’re facing the cart’s front wheels when loading it. Also, load the trailer’s tongue weight at most 10% of the towing load. Loading the trailer’s tongue weight will strain the axles on the golf cart, which could cause severe damage.

Choosing a trailer

Consider investing in a trailer to keep your golf cart safe and sound on the road. There are different types of trailers, each with pros and cons. A trailer is not only a convenient way to carry your golf cart, but it can also protect your investment.

It would help if you looked for a trailer with features like tail light wiring harnesses and a back ramp. You should also consider the type of material the trailer is made of. Materials such as aluminum can be lightweight, but they don’t have the strength to withstand extreme weather conditions. On the other hand, treated steel is durable and long-lasting.

The weight of the cart, as well as the type of trailer you choose, will affect your overall comfort and efficiency. For instance, a heavier trailer will be more brutal to tow and handle on turns and reduce fuel efficiency.

You may opt for an open trailer depending on your budget and needs. These are less expensive but come with fewer features. They may not offer the same level of protection, but they can be a good option if you want to transport your golf cart.

Whether you are looking for an open or enclosed trailer, you should be able to find one to fit your needs. Some models even have kitchens. Another nice thing about a utility trailer is that it can provide extra storage space for your golf cart.

It is essential to choose a trailer that matches your cart’s size. This will make loading and unloading much more accessible. Also, look for a ramp and a hatch. In addition, you should check for safety features such as taillights and brake lights.

It would help if you also looked for features that make transporting other items in the trailer easy. Many utility trailers feature storage compartments, which can help you transport things other than your golf cart.

Finally, the size and material of the trailer will determine its cost. Choosing a trailer that is too small for your cart can result in accidents.

Charging your vehicle in tow mode

When you want to tow your golf cart, you need to charge the batteries before starting. The process can be very frustrating. You may even run out of power. To avoid this, follow these steps.

First, make sure the battery terminals are dry enough. This could cause corrosion, which will affect the vehicle’s charging capacity. Using water-baking soda as a battery cleaner is also a good idea.

Next, make sure the charger is connected correctly. If it isn’t, the controller can suffer severe damage. Moreover, the charging switch should be in the tow position when charging.

Lastly, ensure the charger is placed on a flat, hard surface. Avoid putting it on soft surfaces, or it can get boiling. In addition, it’s a good idea to keep it well-ventilated.

Another option is to use an automatic battery charger. These devices are designed to reduce the worry of overcharging your batteries. However, they still need to be used carefully.

Besides, it’s advisable to have a professional check the charger before using it. It should be free of faulty wiring and broken cables. Also, it should be kept in a cool, well-ventilated area.

It is essential to use proper care when driving your golf cart. There are some hidden dangers, so it is best to be aware of them. For example, lead-acid batteries can explode if plugged into an outlet. Smoking near the battery can also cause fires.

Before you tow your golf cart, you need to check its condition. If you are unsure, you can purchase a battery tender. The battery tender will maintain a low current flow to the batteries, keeping them in a state of charge.

Depending on the battery voltage and capacity, a brand-new battery will take between one and three hours to charge. Older batteries will take longer. Those with a 20%-30% discharge may take up to 10 hours.

Lastly, towing your golf cart in reverse is not safe. It can damage the motor windings and the controller.

Preventing the windshield from snapping off during the towing process

During the towing process of a golf cart, the windshield can easily snap off. It is essential to understand how to prevent this from happening. If the windshield breaks, it can fly out on the road and pose a hazard for other drivers. The following tips will help you prevent this from occurring.

First, you should use a soft microfiber cloth to clean the windshield. Make sure that it is free from dirt and grease. Next, you should rinse the windshield with plain water. It would help if you avoided regular glass cleaner as it can cause permanent damage.

After cleaning the windshield, you should blot it with a soft cloth to remove any remaining moisture. Do not rub the windscreen, as this may scratch the material. Finally, it would help if you let it dry.

Golf carts towed facing forward can have a problem with their windshield. This is due to the pressure exerted on them. A more effective way is to fold the windshield. Remove the windshield if you can only fold it after the cart is towed.

Another tip to avoid the golf cart windshield from breaking during the towing process is to load it on the trailer in a safe position. When the vehicle is loaded with the cart, always face it towards the rear. Some people also tow their golf carts behind a recreational vehicle or camper.

Another option is to use a tow dolly. To do so, you can attach it to your truck or RV. Once connected, you can use the tow bar to tow the golf cart. However, you should remember that you should have enough room for the golf cart to sit in the dolly.

Lastly, you can use the EZGO Windshield and Plastic Protector. These are designed to deflect rain and glare. They are also durable, which means they will last a long time. The plastic protector is also designed to clear foggy spots. Besides, the wax coating on the windshield will protect it from scratches.

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How to Tow a Golf Cart With a Trailer
How to Tow a Golf Cart With a Trailer
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